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Our Menu


Our Menu

In 2015 arnero was created by two life long BEST FRIENDS

At Arnero, we are passionate about cooking truly Indian dishes using fresh ingredients and traditional cooking techniques. Our carefully crafted menu takes you on a journey through the various regions of India, showcasing their dishes and a food heritage that has made India’s cuisine famous around the world. Our dishes capture the robust flavours of the Indian subcontinents and the rustic fayre of the fabled roadside & street food. Try our freshly cooked kebabs and delicious warm naan bread straight from the tandoor oven. Delicious!

The restaurant has an open kitchen, allowing guests to watch our expert chefs prepare their dishes and at the same time savour the aromatic scents drifting throughout the restaurant.


View our menu below or download our PDF Menu Here.

Street Food of India

£3.95Bhel Puri (V)
Mixture of crispy puffs, assorted savoury & peanuts, served with sweet & tangy chutneys

£3.95Golgappa (V)
Crispy puffs stuffed with chickpeas and potatoes and served with spicy tangy water & sweet chutney

£3.95Dahi Papri Chaat (V)
Crunchy & crispy bites served with assorted chutneys & yoghurt

£4.25Aloo Tikki Chaat (V)
Crispy potato cakes stuffed with masala peas, served with yoghurt & chutneys

£3.95Onion Bhaji (V)
All time favourite snack made with onion & gram flour & deep fried

£6.75Punjabi Monk Fish Fry** (S)
Street favourite from Punjab – Monk fish marinated in fresh ginger, garlic, chilli and crushed authentic spices then deep fried in gram flour batter

£4.95Lamb Keema Pav* (S)
Delicate & spicy minced lamb served with grilled rolls

£4.25Samosa Chana Chaat (V)
Deep fried triangular parcels filled with vegetables, served with chickpea, yoghurt & chutneys

£3.95Vada Pav (V)
Spiced mashed potato balls, deep fried in gram flour batter, served with bread rolls & tangy-spicy chutney

£4.95Chana Bhatura (V)
Chef’s street favourite dish made with spiced chickpeas and served with deep fried leavened bread

£4.95Aloo Puri Masala (V)
Spicy potato in tomato rich curry, served with fried bread made of wheat flour

£4.25Hara Bhara Kebab (V)
Spinach & green vegetables cakes stuffed with soft cheese, served with tangy chutney

£3.95Pav Bhaji (V)
Street favourite from Mumbai – Mixed vegetables (bhaji) cooked in a special blend of spices and served with soft bread pav