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Arnero Indian Restaurant – Menus & Cuisine

At Arnero, we are passionate about cooking truly Indian dishes using fresh ingredients and traditional cooking techniques. Our carefully crafted menu takes you on a journey through the various regions of India, showcasing their dishes and a food heritage that has made India’s cuisine famous around the world. Our dishes capture the robust flavours of the Indian subcontinents and the rustic fayre of the fabled roadside & street food. Try our freshly cooked kebabs and delicious warm naan bread straight from the tandoor oven. Delicious!

The restaurant has an open kitchen, allowing guests to watch our expert chefs prepare their dishes and at the same time savour the aromatic scents drifting throughout the restaurant.

Sink into the elegantly themed ambiance with decor that reflects our traditional cuisine. And to compliment this and - nice Indian music, the perfect accompaniment to your dining experience at Arnero.

Arnero can provide fixed menus for events and parties on request.